Contact Lens Fitment, Prescriptions, and Refills

Eye Care Baltimore is Maryland’s leading provider of contact lenses. Get your eyes fitted for corrective contacts, or refill your current subscription. Pickup new contacts in-store, or have them delivered to your house with a subscription. No matter how you choose to get your new contacts, make sure you get them here!
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Last Updated: 10/2020

Your contact lens appointment includes:

Choosing Your New Contacts

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Planning Your Visit

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, corresponding regulations, and impact on the local Baltimore community, we are currently allowing visits by appointment only. Please use the form the schedule your visit, and observe all ppe precautions including face masks and social distancing.

Ordering Contacts Online

Who Should Wear Contact Lenses?

Clarity through better eye health: Eye Care Baltimore!

"My new contacts feel amazing, and I can see better than ever"

“I really can’t believe how awesome these contacts from Eye Care Baltimore are! They are so comfortable, and I saved a ton of money too!”
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"I didn't know you could get prescription contacts in Baltimore so fast!"

“They called me to tell me my new contacts were ready for me to pick up days before I was expecting them! I was shocked at how polite all of the employees were, too”
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"Unbelievable improvements in seeing short distances and up close!"

“Before I came here, I couldn’t see JACK…. I mean seriously, I was basically blind in one eye, and could’t see out of the other. BUT NOT ANYMORE! Now I have these great contat lenses from Eye Care in Baltimore”
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