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We are the Baltimore area’s choice for complete eye exams, vision examinations, eye tests, and major vision procedures. Our board certified opticians and doctors provide superior eye care to the entire Baltimore City Area. Stop into one of our local glasses showrooms to check out our designer frames, or get prescription lenses. Baltimore’s choice for eye care and optometry.
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Last Updated: 10/2020

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Planning Your Visit

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, corresponding regulations, and impact on the local Baltimore community, we are currently allowing visits by appointment only. Please use the form the schedule your visit, and observe all ppe precautions including face masks and social distancing.

Affordable Eye Examinations in Baltimore City

Why are we Baltimore's top eye exam provider?

Clarity through better eye health: Eye Care Baltimore!

"I was so tired of wearing glasses! Now I can actually see, and my eyes don't itch!"

“My vision is clearer than ever thanks to the best opticians in Baltimore! I now enjoy immaculate, crystal clear vision thanks to my new prescription eye wear.”
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"The eye charts were really helpful with getting the correct diagnosis of my eye disease"

“When I was looking to have my vision checked in Baltimore City, getting my eye care here proved to be the right choice. Booking the appointment was super easy, their office is conveniently located in Baltimore, MD, and the opticians were phenomenal.”
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"Unbelievable improvements in seeing long distances!"

“Before this eye exam, I couldn’t see past the end of my nose… My nearsightedness was so bad, that everything just looked blurry if it was more than like 10 feet away. Now, after my corrective procedure at Baltimore Eye Care, I can see more clearly than ever before. NO MORE CONTACT LENSES!”
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